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Fiji Volivoli June 2025

Volivoli Beach Resort - June 28-July 8, 2025

The famous Bligh waters of Fiji are world-renowned for their lush reefs and stunning variety of Indo-Pacific life.  Just to mention a few, divers can expect to see the ornate ghost pipefish, orangutan crabs, frogfish, nudibranch, seahorses, schools of barracuda, trevally, giant groupers, - and in all likelihood, turtles, moray eels, and white tip reef sharks.  All these are set against the backdrop of the healthiest soft coral reefs in the world, in every shade of rich orange, pink, and red.  Most of the best sites are no more than 20 minutes by boat from Volivoli Beach, with a mixture of walls, bommies and drift dives, all brimming with life and color.  Sites like Black magic mountain, Mellow yellow and Instant replay will soon be etched in your memory forever!  Above the surface, Fiji is a beautiful land made up of an ecosystem of incredible diversity; rugged mountains, verdant rainforest, and exotic flora to be explored at your leisure.