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JBL Spear Gun Mini

The JBL Mini D5 Speargun is made from 1" aerospace grade 6063 aluminum. It comes with high-strength triggers and stainless shafts for improved user experience. Equipped with Hi-Mod 1/2" x 8" band w-302 steel wishbones, dip production procedure and latex formulation, the D5 delivers drastic modulus power. Overstretched bands result in increased power curve for better performance. Especially produced anti-oxidants guarantee maximum protection against ultra-violet rays. The JBL Mini D5 Speargun comes with a pistol grip low-profile handle for easy and accurate target acquisition.

Technical Specs:

  • JBL Mini D5 Speargun
  • Aerospace-Grade 6063 Aluminum Barrel: 1" (25 mm)
  • Stainless Steel High-Strength Trigger & Shaft

17-4 Hard-Bitten Stainless Steel Spring Shafts:

  • Shaft Dimensions: 40 cm x 7.11 mm/(16" x 9/32")
  • Heavy-Duty & Corrosion Resistant
  • Heat Treatment Ensures Maximum Hardness
  • Hand Tuning Ensures Perfect Alignment
  • Threaded End: 6mm
  • Flex-Free Optimum Energy Transmission

Slings Specs:

  • Latex Formulation
  • 302 Steel Wishbone
  • Anti-Oxidants Provide Maximum Protection Against Ultra-Violet Rays
  • Long-Life Durable Design
  • Single Sling: 13 mm x 203 mm/(1/2" x 8")
  • Pointed Tip w-6mm Threaded & Single Flopper
  • Pistol Grip Low-Profile Handle Guarantees Easy & Quick Target Acquisition
  • ABS Muzzle & Handle
  • Overall Length: 40.6 cm/16"
  • 1.83 meters/6' Reach
  • Negatively Buoyant Floatation