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Halcyon Focus 5.2 - Standard Cord w/ Charger


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The Halcyon Focus offers an adjustable beam to switch between intense focus or a wide beam for underwater video purposes.  LED is inherently difficult to focus. Instead of pushing a lot power to the LED diode which is inefficient and generates a lot of heat, Halcyon invested time and resources in developing a LUX engine generating a high intensity, focused beam while consuming 1/2 the power of 21W HID lights.  With more of the light focused into a tighter location, Halcyon LED primary lights easily outperform 21W HID lights.  The Focus has a fully adjustable handle which can be set for left or right handed operation. The power switch can be set to off, medium, or high power.
  • A typical burn time on the 5.2 Ah pack is 5.5 hours
  • LUX at 1 meter is 39,000, and 1,550 at 5 meters with the focus at max power
  • Black