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ScubaPro Everflex Hooded Vest 2mm

Layering is the key to warmth when diving. The Scubapro Hooded Vest can provide this layering keeping you warmer longer when diving. The Scubapro 2.5/0.5mm Unisex Hooded Vest is just what you need for a little extra warmth on cooler water dives. The Hooded Vest when combined in temperate water with a full or two-piece suit will allow you experience warmer diving. When in warm water locations add over skin suit or under Shorty or Jumpsuit and you add warmth and UV protection from the sun's harmful rays. The vest is easy to slip on and off and is fast drying for multiple dives. The vest is 2.5mm thick in the hood chest and back and 0.5mm thick on the ultra stretch side panels. All seams are sewn for strength and durability. Hooded Vest is available in multiple sizes.