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Dive Tools & Knives

Don't let a loose-hose fitting, a blown O-Ring or a leaking regulator cause a problem on a Dive. Don't be caught without having the proper tools and parts to fix it like a wrench, screwdriver, pliers, picks, or scissors.  Check out our Dive Tools below.   

The primary reason for carrying a knife on a dive is to free yourself, your buddy, or help free a marine life trapped in a stray fishing line or net.  A handy knife can also serve as a great anchor to the sea bed in heavy current to prevent you from drifting away when your hands cannot get a grip on any rocks. Lastly, even though you may never find the need to use your dive knife (and thankfully so), a knife could simply be used as a good "tank knocker" for getting your dive buddies attention underwater.

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Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife Sheath


Halcyon Hook Knife W/Sheath


Mares Maximus Knife


Mares Neutron Knife


Mares Smarty Mini Multi-tool


Oceanic Compass, Bungee Mount


Oceanic Compass, Wrist Mount Swiv


Scubapro MFS Multi-Tool


ScubaPro, White Tip Knife


UK Blue Tang Titanium Knife


UK Blue Tang Hydralloy Knife


UK Blue Tang Sheath (only)


UK Knife Strap


Atomic Knife - Titanium


Halcyon Explorer Knife


UK Fusilier Hydralloy Knife - Blunt Point


UK Remora Hydralloy Knife - Blunt


Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Stainless Steel Blunt Knife


Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Titanium Tanto Tip Knife (Discontinued)


DiveRite Line Cutter Knife w/Sheath


Trident Shears Stainless Steel


DiveRite Trauma Shears w Sheath


Trident Scubamaster Multi Tool


XS Scuba Multi-Tool


ISC Toolmaster Plus


XS Scuba Rattle Stick w/Clip


Reef Hook & Anchor


Trident Mini Tank O-Ring Kit w/Pic


Eel Stick Aluminum w/Flatirons Scuba Name