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Dive Tools & Knives

Don't let a loose-hose fitting, a blown O-Ring or a leaking regulator cause a problem on a Dive. Don't be caught without having the proper tools and parts to fix it like a wrench, screwdriver, pliers, picks, or scissors.  Check out our Dive Tools below.   

The primary reason for carrying a knife on a dive is to free yourself, your buddy, or help free a marine life trapped in a stray fishing line or net.  A handy knife can also serve as a great anchor to the sea bed in heavy current to prevent you from drifting away when your hands cannot get a grip on any rocks. Lastly, even though you may never find the need to use your dive knife (and thankfully so), a knife could simply be used as a good "tank knocker" for getting your dive buddies attention underwater.

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Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife Sheath


Halcyon Hook Knife W/Sheath


Oceanic Compass, Bungee Mount


Oceanic Compass, Wrist Mount Swiv


ScubaPro, White Tip Knife


UK Blue Tang Titanium Knife


UK Blue Tang Hydralloy Knife


UK Blue Tang Sheath (only)


UK Knife Strap


Atomic Knife - Titanium


Halcyon Explorer Knife


UK Fusilier Hydralloy Knife - Blunt Point


UK Remora Hydralloy Knife - Blunt


Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Stainless Steel Blunt Knife


Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Titanium Tanto Tip Knife


DiveRite Line Cutter Knife w/Sheath


Trident Shears Stainless Steel


DiveRite Trauma Shears w Sheath


Trident Scubamaster Multi Tool


XS Scuba Multi-Tool


ISC Toolmaster Plus


XS Scuba Rattle Stick w/Clip


Reef Hook & Anchor


Trident Mini Tank O-Ring Kit w/Pic


Eel Stick Aluminum w/Flatirons Scuba Name