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Die Cut Sea Turtle W/ Dive Flag Sticker

Sea Turtle Sticker - Die-Cut by Innovative Scuba Concepts

Everybody "Like Totally" Loves Sea Turtles. To see a Sea Turtle Leisurely Fin across a Coral Reef is a wonderful sight to see. Show your love for the Sea Turtle with this Sea Turtle Dive Flag Sticker. These unique Durable Vinyl Stickers are manufactured with an Intricate-Process that Die-Cuts the Sticker and then Removes-All Internal-and-External Edge Pieces. This forms Multi-Piece Stickers that are Easily Applied to Auto Bumpers, Scuba Tanks or any Hard Surface. Sea Turtle Sticker Design is a Traditional Red & White Diver-Down" Flag Silhouette of Sea Turtle. 
Material: Vinyl
Color: Red and White