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NAUI Tech 2 Entry Level Trimix

The NAUI Technical Diver 2 (Tech 2) course is the second in a series of three courses designed to develop technical diving excellence, building upon previously learned skills with a focus on extending essential technical diving skills. Tech 2 training focuses on building diving proficiency at increasing depth to 220 feet/67 meters using Helium diving gases with Oxygen enriched decompression gases. These skills include: the use of multiple stages, the use of Trimix, the use of greater percentages of Helium, gas management, Oxygen management, decompression, accelerated, omitted and general decompression strategies, dive planning, and technical equipment configurations. Course participants will gain experience working with a variety of different gas mixtures for use as bottom mix and multiple decompression gases. This course culminates in a true understanding of "best gas" selection in the 100 foot/30 meter to 250 foot/75 meter range.

The Tech 2 course is normally conducted over a 5-day period, and cumulatively involves a minimum of forty (40) hours of instruction, designed to instill in divers a working knowledge of extended range diving; including physiology, tables and logistics. Special emphasis is placed on extended exposures and on their associated considerations (gas consumption, DCS, Oxygen toxicity, and thermal concerns).

Course requirements include a minimum of six (6) hours of academics, and eight (8) dives, four (4) of which will be critical skill dives and four (4) will be experience dives. Four (4) dives must utilize Helium.

To enroll you must:

    • Be at least 21 years old
    • Be NAUI Tech 1 qualified
    • Have at least 250 logged dives with at least 50 dives on double tanks and 75 dives deeper than 130 fsw (40 msw)
    • Must be able to swim 500 yards in less than 14 minutes without stopping
    • Must have a minimum of 25 dives beyond Technical Diver Level 1 qualification
    • Must be able to swim a distance of at least 60' on a breath hold
    • Must be a non-smoker
    Special items that are mandatory for this class are:

    • NAUI Trimix Diver Student Workbook
    • NAUI Technical EANx, Decompression Techniques & Extended Range Manual
    • Physics, Physiology and Decompression Theory for the Technical and Commercial Diver
    • Technical Diving in Depth by Bruce Wienke
    • Doing it Right: The Fundamentals of Better Diving
    • Cave Diving Communications Manual
    • OceanX Calculator
    • Technical Diver Log Pages
    • US Navy Dive Table
    • Wet Notes
    • DAN Master Insurance
    Included: classroom, open water dives and certification cards 
    (Tank rental and gas fills extra) 
    Cost: $900