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DOT Hydro Testing Services

Hydro Testing Machine

Hydrotesting Services | Colorado

Flatirons SCUBA is a Department of Transportation certified Hydrostatic Testing Facility. We can safely test and certify most SCUBA, Avalanche Pack, SCBA, Aviation, Airsoft/Paintball and Oxygen tanks with quick turnaround time. See below for our prices and frequently asked questions


Hydrostatic Testing

SCUBA Cylinder Hydro (Includes Hydro, Visual, Oring) (Fill Additional)


SCUBA Cylinder Nitrox Hydro (Includes VIP, Internal Clean and Valve Clean) (Fill Additional)

$70 plus parts/fill

SCBA Hydro, 2216 / 3000 psi (Fill Additional)


SCBA Hydro, Composite 4500 psi  (Fill Additional)


Medical Cylinder Hydro (Fill Additional)


Additional Services


Eddy Current Test

No longer available.

Visual Inspections (Includes Visual Plus, Oring, Air Fill)


Twin Tank Disassembly


Tanks that Have DOT cylinder specifications that we can Hydrotest:
3A, 3AA, 3AL, 3HT, and special permits 8162,7235,7277,8059,10019,9634,9716,10915,11194,13583,              9894,10147,10664,10905,10970,11005,9421,9791,9909 and 10869

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Hydrostatic Testing?

Hydro testing consists of three main steps:

  • Perform a visual inspection of the tank
  • Place the tank inside a steel water jacket and pressurize to a specified PSI
  • Measure the tank wall expansion

Testing a tank in this way checks for permanent expansion or overexpansion of the tank walls, indicating unsafe structural deficiencies. All testing is done within a water jacket to ensure safety in case of a catastrophic tank failure.

Why is hydrostatic testing necessary?

Because it’s the law! Pressure tanks (including all SCUBA tanks!) are regulated by the Department of Transportation. Every tank must pass an initial DOT certification, visual inspection, and hydrostatic test prior to being sold, and before being filled.

How often do my tanks need to be tested?

The DOT mandates a new hydrostatic test every 5 years after the initial test, some special tanks are 3 years hydro tests.  Visual inspections are required yearly on scuba cylinders. 

What are the common reasons for tank failure?

Weak valve threads is a common issue. Corrosion inside the tank can also cause a hydro failure

If my tank fails, can I still use it?

DOT regulations states that a tank that fails during hydrostatic testing cannot be filled again, and will not be given a test stamp. No reputable dive shop will fill a tank without a hydro test stamp.  The tank serial # is stamped out with an X, and the cylinder threads are scored so that it cannot be filled again.