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PADI EFR Instructor


Congratulations on deciding to become a PADI EFR Instructor! This Flatirons Scuba/PADI program will provide you with the training necessary to conduct the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid) and Care for Children courses. Through independent study, classroom sessions and practice assignments, you will learn to conduct these courses. 

  • Have successfully completed an Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) course or another qualifying CPR course.
  • Have successfully completed an Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid) course or another qualifying first aid course. 
  • Have completed the Emergency First Response Care for Children Course within the past 24 months.
  • *Note: Those with CPR/First Aid Credentials from another agency may qualify to take the EFR Crossover Course. We suggest you either call us or contact the PADI Training Dept. to see if you qualify. 

Performance Requirements

  • Complete the provided Instructor Self-Study Knowledge Reviews: Program Standards, Human Body Systems, Medical Emergencies, Care for Children
  • View the Emergency First Response & Care for Children DVDs.
  • Review all Skill Performance Requirements/Objectives for all skills found in Section 3 (Skill Development         Section) of the EFR Instructor guide & Section 3 of the (Skill Development Section) Care for Children guide.
  • (Crossover instructors only) Participate in 5 of the 8 Course Presentations: Orientation, EFR Philosophy and EFR Skills Workshop, Organizing the EFR Course, & Marketing EFR.
  • (EFR Instructor Training Course participants only) Participate in all (eight) required Emergency First Response Instructor Course Presentations
  • Conduct at least two primary or secondary care skills from the Emergency First Response Program. (at least 1 for Crossover instructors)
  • Conduct at least one skill from the Care for Children Program.
  • During skill presentations the candidate must identify problems or incorrect techniques and correct them with positive coaching.
  • Demonstrate role-model technique for all eleven (required and recommended) Emergency First Response Program primary and secondary skills (Crossover participants will Demonstrate role-model technique in the following skills: Primary Assessment, One Rescuer-Adult CPR, Conscious/Unconscious Choking Adult, One Rescuer Child CPR, One Rescuer Infant CPR, Conscious Choking Infant and Automated External Defibrillator use - both Adult & Child).
  • Demonstrate role model technique with the following Care for Children skills: Conscious Choking Child, Rescue Breathing – Child, Rescue Breathing- Infant, One Rescuer Child CPR, One Rescuer Infant CPR, AED use- Child
  • Successfully complete the Emergency First Response Instructor written examination with a minimum score of 75 percent. (open book)
Course Fees
  • Complete EFR and Care for Children Instructor Course -- $300 (does not include materials or PADI registration fee). 
  • PADI Instructor Materials - $249.95 
  • PADI registration fee - $118

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