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PADI Scuba Tune Up Guidebook


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PADI Scuba Tune Up Guidebook

Is the next vacation coming up soon? Are your Scuba skills a little rough? How about brushing up your skills before you go diving so that the first dive is fun, safe & enjoyable.  The first step in reviewing your skills and knowledge is accomplished by reviewing the PADI Scuba Tune-Up Guidebook.  This tool reviews: safe diving practices, dive planning fundamentals, problem management, breathing air at depth, dive computer and dive tables, planning dives with the Recreational Dive Planner, and diving with enriched air Nitrox.  The second step is to sign up for our Refresher Course and get into the pool with an Instructor or Divemaster and be coached while fine tuning these skills.
The PADI Scuba Tune-Up Guidebook is a perfect way to rejuvenate your scuba skills, refine your knowledge and remind yourself of important safety tips!