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Scuba Refresher

Is the next vacation coming up soon? Are your Scuba skills a little rough? How about brushing up your skills before you go diving so that the first dive is fun, safe & enjoyable.

First Part: Independent Study 
Review the Scuba Tune-up book – a workbook that refreshes and tests your knowledge through short quizzes.  
Second Part: Confined Water Diving - Your PADI Professional (Instructor or Divemaster) will coach you through important dive safety concepts, dive planning essentials and problem management. You'll also practice putting your gear together and doing a predive safety check with your buddy. In the water, you’ll review all the basic scuba skills with a focus on good buoyancy control.
Skills Reviewed:
  • Buoyancy
  • Mask Clearing
  • Fin Pivots
  • Regulator Recovery
  • Ascents & Descents
  • Alternate Air Source Use
  • Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent
  • Hovering
  • Removal and Replacement of BCD & Weights
  • Buddy Breathing
Course Fees: 
  • or $150, per person to sit through a regularly scheduled PADI basic classroom and pool session (2 full days)
Equipment Included: 
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Regulator
  • BCD
Equipment Not Included: 
  • Mask, Snorkel and Fins
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