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Divemaster Certification

The Padi divemaster course prepares you for a professional career in scuba.  This will allow you to assist in training and be prepared to lead certified divers.  Once you have completed the divemaster course you will have accomplished skills of a professional level.  Upon completion of the divemaster course you will be prepared to move forward in your professional training in the asssistant instructor (AI) course or the instructor development course (IDC).
There are six sections of the divemaster course:

  • Complete knowledge development
  • Complete waterskills excersizes
  • Complete the dive skills workshops
  • Complete practical application skills
  • Complete divemaster conducted program workshops
  • Complete practical assessments
The divemaster course is conducted by our Course Director.  Your instructor will meet with you to guide you through the process, scheduling a program that best suits each student.  The dates below reflect the current scheduled activities. 

The prerequisites for the divemaster program include being certified as a PADI rescue diver or equivalent, have 40+ logged dives, have current CPR training, be 18 years of age and have a certified medical. You are also required to have the following items in addition to your basic diving equipment:
Required Equipment:
  • Compass
  • Underwater timing device
  • Exposure protection
  • Whistle or other signaling device
  • Knife or Diver's tool
  • Divemaster Crew Pak
There are several items listed below that are recommended but are not required:
  • Current editions of Open Water, Advanced, and Rescue Manuals.
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook and Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • Classroom
  • Pool
  • Open Water Training
Course Fee: 
  • $500
  • Books $378
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